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“You need to listen to Mother Nature, listen to the land, you must understand it, work with it, become part of it.”
– Sergio Nardin (Borgo Molino Founder)

It was 1922 when Sergio Nardin made the decision to dedicate his life to cultivating vitis vinifera. The goal was to produce the finest wines in the Veneto region of Italy. Naturally suited to Prosecco and Moscato the estate, now carried on by the next generation, Paolo and Pietro Nardin execute their father’s maxim of nurturing the vines and maximising soil health in the vineyards. The wines of Borgo Molino have developed a reputation worldwide for being some of the most pure and true expressions of the Veneto region.



With a large aspect of Sergio Nardin’s original vision revolving around sustainable agriculture it is no surprise that Borgo Molino takes this very seriously. Implementing ‘Difesa Integrata’ a series of steps not dissimilar to permaculture where the goal is to utilise crop rotation in and around the vineyard that minimises negative invasive plant species while maximising the occurrence of beneficial plants and organisms that due to biodiversity deem pesticides and herbicides redundant. The wines are all made as naturally as possible and are made without the use of animal products.

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