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Duane Coates is, by his own admission, a ‘heart over head’ winemaker. Inclined to make wine from almost any interesting parcel of fruit made available to him, he tends to make accountants wince. For Duane, making great wine is not about business decisions; it’s about curiosity, passion, and a little bit of folly.

Duane is a whisper away from becoming a Master of Wine. His broad knowledge and deep understanding of wines from across the world informed his no-compromise approach to crafting wines that blend the best in Australian and European winemaking styles. He continually builds bridges between the fruit-driven Australian styles and the savoury, complex wines of the Old-World.

‘Soulful’ is the word that Duane likes to use when describing his wines. It’s not a word used a lot in the industry, yet it perfectly defines his aspirations. Duane makes wines that express purity of flavour and articulate regional and varietal distinctiveness. In today’s climate of ego-driven vinous pursuits, Duane’s wines represent unrivalled value.



Impact on the environment is always front of mind in the vineyard and the winery. Duane makes decisions on vineyard practices, packaging, partnerships, and business direction–including supply and distribution chains. Everything is assessed to minimise the brand’s environmental footprint.

* Excl. SA

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