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While the world takes an all day, every day approach to Rosé, we search for authentic expressions from this extraordinarily beautiful region. We don’t just look for the right shade of pink and we avoid those too light and often insipid examples. We find great, honest versions that you will serve with confidence and enjoy with great gusto.

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40 minutes east of Aix, in the heart of the region between the Verdon and Saint-Baume National Parks, lies the 145-hectare domaine founded in 1974 by the Dieudonné family. They practice organic viticulture on clay-limestone soils. The clay helps with water retention and body, while the limestone gives the wines distinct minerality and poise. Second-generation winemaker, Elodie Dieudonné, brings a feminine touch to the wines that combine the traditional intuition of the Old World with a New World clarity to create the Étè di Elodie or ‘the summer of Elodie.’ 

Situated only 5 km from the seaside, this century old estate has been meticulously cared for by 5 generations of winegrowers. 45 hectares nestled in a valley between Hyeres and La Londe les Maures. The soil is quite unique for the region being predominantly schist, granite and red clay, this, along with the proximity to the ocean, aspect and varietal makeup imbues these wines with a tension, freshness and power rarely seen outside the most iconic examples of the region. To maximise quality all fruit is handpicked before sunrise and only the highest quality is sorted into
the M des Borrels Cuvée.

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