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Tin Shed contains a shed-load of wonderful small-batch, vegan friendly Barossa wines.


Founded by Peter Clark in the late 1990s, Clarkey is also renowned as Head Chef and shareholder at Vintners Bar & Grill in Barossa, a venue consistently recognised as one of Australia’s leading regional restaurants. Today, the Tin Shed legacy lives on, with new owner Claire Doughty, proprietor at Brand Warrior Communications, and Clarkey still making the wine.

With a passion for Barossa and wine, Claire and Clarkey work side-by-side to produce the Tin Shed wines we’ve learned to know and love. Grapes are sourced from single vineyard blocks in Eden Valley and Barossa Valley, where parcels are nurtured and harvested with minimal handling and loads of attention.

Most importantly, Claire and Clarkey never lose sight of the greater good – that Tin Shed wines are all about life’s simple pleasures and should always be enjoyed with good food and great friends.



Claire and Clarkey look to mother nature to help them grow and make the best wine possible. Their respect for her and what she does drives their consideration of variety, landscape, and climate.

Their approach is to align and consistently work with like-minded growers who care for the environment and have a sustainable perspective. These growers share their passion for organic wine-growing and minimal intervention, focusing on rain and recycled water, solar power, and minimal chemicals applied to the growing process.

The outcomes are healthy vineyards that don’t use synthetic pesticides, fertilisers, and winemaking additives. All wines are made organically, are vegan friendly and have shed loads of flavour.

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