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The story of Gala Estate and their beautiful wines are a legacy now 200 years in the making.

Brothers John and Adam Amos and their families landed in beautiful Van Diemen’s Land in 1821. Upon arriving, the governor allowed them to choose a spot of land along the east coast on which to build their lives.  They called it Gala, after the area in Scotland from which they originated – Gala Shiels – and started farming sheep and cattle, progressing to include wheat and flour milling. It wasn’t until 2009 that Gala Estate Vineyard became just that – a vineyard.

Gala Estate is recognised as the 2nd oldest family business having celebrated its bicentenary in March 2021. Seventh-generation custodians, Adam and Grainne Greenhill planted the 11-hectare vineyard. Nestled between five native forest reserves and four wild rivers on the majestic East Coast of Tasmania, Gala Estate vines excel. With its beautiful cool climate, Tasmania is one of the greatest wine-growing regions in the world.



As sheep farmers across multiple centuries, the Greenhills have been taking care of their land with a sustainable approach for longer than most. They understand their soil, the climate and nature, and listen to the land and give back to it. The vineyard has been an important part of sustainability on the farm. They have selected the absolute best vineyard site on their 4000 hectare property on steep, rocky ironstone with north-facing hills. 


Viticulturist Marty Smith keeps an eye on vine health and Vineyard Supervisor Ricky Burrows meticulously tends to every tendril with a little help from their woolly 4-legged friends: all 10,000 of them. The Greenhill’s are custodians of 5 native forest reserves at Gala, totalling 385 hectares with perpetual covenants to achieve the highest level of conservation possible on private land.

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