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McHenry Hohnen have been growing grapes in the Margaret River wine region since the 1990s. From the start there was a commitment to best practice that nurtured the land while growing unique and regionally specific fruit with strong inner character and personality. These goals reflect the men involved – strong characters with a desire to honour the traditions of centuries of winemakers.


Tagging themselves as ‘Sustainable Farmers’ their approach was to treat their vineyards organically from the beginning. Certification came later, but for the Sustainable Farmers it was the only way. This approach has delivered repeated successes – on the palate and in accolades. It is the love of the land and the quest for unique and pure fruit that drives McHenry Hohnen and the team.


Now under the sole stewardship of Murray McHenry the drive has intensified to create wines that are supported by a complex and diversified environment, a natural interdependence that creates specificity that cannot be replicated. A focus on single vineyard wines crafted by Head Winemaker Japo Dalli Cani delivers a heightened experience to the consumer, an expression of regionality and purity that underpins the McHenry Hohnen ethos.



The purity that is fundamental to McHenry Hohnen is steeped in a long-term commitment to the principles of organic and biodynamic practice. McHenry Hohnen wines are certified organic, with all fruit from the Hazel vineyard being farmed biodynamically, with certification from 2019. The quest for sustainability that begets this purity lies in the complexity of the environment where the fruit is grown.


The McHenry Hohnen vineyard is a farm brimming with life and symbiotic relationships – the microorganisms fostered in naturally brewed tonic bring vibrancy to the soil, olives ripen in the groves, bees deliver honey while pollinating the flora, chickens feast on Spring weevils and deliver fat fresh eggs – in a natural ecosystem where people are part of that system and the harmony it creates.


McHenry Hohnen’s rigorous and continuous stewardship of the land using natural methodologies is prescribed by goals of sustainability and longevity.

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