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In a desire to look beyond the confines of its own territory, Valpolicella – Veneto region, Allegrini set itself a challenge in one of Italy’s most prestigious wine-producing areas: Tuscany. In 2001, Marilisa, with her late brother, Walter, purchased land in Bolgheri on which they founded the new winery, Poggio al Tesoro.

Like all great wine-producing areas, the outstanding character of Bolgheri is determined by complex factors such as the proximity of the sea, the constant air circulation produced by seaborne breezes and the variety of soil types. Allegrini’s Bolgheri estate, divided into four parcels, contains unique qualities that combine to form an exceptional terroir. The winters are mild and summers last through until October. Constant breezes cool the air during the hotter months and promote the health of the grapes, while the long, sunny days influence the structure of the wines. Another important factor that makes this territory unique is the light, which is strong and sharp throughout the entire year: the reflection of the sun on the surface of the sea is, in fact, the secret behind the phenolic ripening of the grapes in Bolgheri.

Produced from some 64 hectares (160 acres) of carefully and meticulously tended vineyards, the wines from this estate combine strength and elegance. They are intense, deeply textured and brimming with aromas and flavours with predominant, satisfying fruitiness and silky tannins.



The viticulture at Poggio al Tesoro aims to make the vine the focus of all agricultural practices, thereby focusing on the health of the vines and their ability to build natural immunity to disease, rather than focusing exclusively on ways to “manage” disease. Green manure, use of pheromones to induce sexual disorientation, pest control by using antagonist insects, drip irrigation to save water are just a few of the sustainable practices regularly carried out.


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