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SOHO respects the traditional winemaking process but pushes the boundaries operating an unconventional ethos rooted in raw creativity. This coupled with a desire to be one of NZ’s most awarded boutique wine companies has made SOHO a wine icon of modernity. Uniquely embodying a passion for life, culture and entertainment, hence the name SOHO.

Inspired by the late John Carter, NZ wine industry pioneer, innovator and SOHO’s mentor who, after a long career trading winemakers supplies, invested in vineyards in both Marlborough and Waiheke Island in 2000. In 2009 Rachel Carter created SOHO WINES to take on her father’s growing vineyard portfolio. Her quest was to create a unique premium wine brand that embodied a passion for life, culture, and all things fabulous.

Utilising our own Carter family vineyards and other boutique estates, we have chosen 3 of the best NZ winemakers giving each wine its own distinctive style and personality:

Waiheke Island – James Rowan

Also known as the Island of Wine, a critically acclaimed
wine region revealing fruit purity, texture, and complexity.

Marlborough – Dave Clouston

Consistent un-rushed growing season, long bright summer days, temperate Pacific breeze and cool nights preserving bright fruit characters.

Central Otago – Grant Taylor

Dramatic mountain valley vineyards excel with vibrant cherry spicy flavoured and velvety textured Pinot Noir.



With a strong focus on organic, low intervention wines, SOHO is at the forefront and continues to make ripples across the Wine Industry for producing gold medal winning wines encapsulated in stylish and contemporary branding. 



Alexander McQueen, the flamboyant fashion designer often referred to himself as the ‘Pink Sheep’ in the family. He was a troubled genius that suffered from depression and ultimately ended his life prematurely at age 40. He is the main inspiration behind the name and the driving force behind our community contribution collection PINK SHEEP. SOHO donates 50c a bottle to charities that encompass mental health, children, animals, and the environment.

The Lotus flower is regarded as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth. Its characteristics are a perfect analogy for the human condition. Even when its roots are in the muddiest waters, the lotus produces the most beautiful flower.



PROUDLY support Variety - the Children’s Charity

For more than 45 years, Variety – the Children’s Charity, has supported kids who are facing challenges through sickness, disadvantage, or special needs. When families are struggling to cope, Variety provides much-needed support for things like specialist equipment, therapy, and medical supplies.


In addition to SOHO’s contribution, Saint Wine will also donate 50c a bottle. Together we donate and give back to our community. The PINK SHEEP collection not only raises funds but most importantly raises awareness for those in need of love and support.

Our Pink Sheep Mantra
Love your animals - the masters of unconditional love
Think pink - the colour of positivity
See a Pink Sheep - love it and cover it in pink

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