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Villa Della Torre, one of the most captivating and exquisite jewels of the Italian renaissance, was designed by Giulio Romano and Michele Sanmicheli between late 1440 and 1562, according to the model of the Ancient Roman domus. Purchased by Marilisa Allegrini in 2008, it now houses a wine & art relais and is home to the Villa Della Torre winery, a project managed by Marilisa’s daughters, Carlotta and Caterina.


The winery offers two distinct wines, a Valpolicella Classico from vines around the villa and a Lugana made from the Turbiana variety sourced from a vineyard in San Donino. Focusing on only two wines allows for absolute precision and attention to detail in every aspect of production. The wines are made in small production with a focus on preserving the history and prestige of the estate whilst utilising modern techniques to drive innovation and sustainability.



Having planted both the two vineyards of Villa Della Torre, the Allegrini family manage each with meticulous attention to detail. The Lugana vineyard is situated with close proximity to Lake Garda and the region is characterised by a strong focus on the cohesion between nature and man. This ethos is mirrored in the vineyard with significant focus on biodiversity, minimising water waste through modern irrigation systems and organic inputs. The Valpolicella vineyard is managed by the same sustainable standards and an even more hands on approach.


The Allegrini name is quickly becoming synonymous with sustainability and biodiversity.

“We are getting more and more convinced that sustainability and respect for the environment are the future of wine.’’ – Marilisa Allegrini

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