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Cavedon Wines is the latest chapter in a story that dates back almost 50 years. Like many Italian families the Cavedons settled in the King Valley in the 1970’s but it was their son Dino that fell in love with the prospect of growing high quality grapes for wine. One of the early pioneers in the region, his passion and skill was quickly recognised and soon he was approached by the Department of Agriculture and tasked with developing viticulture techniques to further the field, techniques that are still in use today. In 2018 Dino passed the reins to his daughter Pia and her husband Gabe. Pia and Gabe grew up in the King Valley both working on the vineyard at various times in their childhood. They began developing a winery concept that would carry on Dino’s legacy of innovation in the King Valley, and so Cavedon Wines was born. His face adorning every bottle Dino’s influence is felt both literally and metaphorically as the pair receive his wisdom and aim to honour his life-long commitment. 


Largely self-taught, Gabe heads up the winemaking with meticulous attention to detail utilising techniques that rare in the region including skin contact in whites, early picking and pressing of reds and bottle fermentation with Prosecco. Spending the majority of the year growing the fruit provides both Gabe and Pia immense respect for the fruit and so the wines are made in an effort to reflect this work. Having been named a finalist for Young Gun Winemaker of the Year in 2021 and 2022 Gabe is without a doubt one of the rising stars in the industry and Cavedon Wines is going from strength to strength. 

“The concept of our wine label is that we are firstly grape growers and then we are winemakers. We take very small parcels of our best fruit, and we use minimal intervention so we can champion the quality and nuances of these grapes and the microclimate here. Like Dino did 44 years ago, we’re doing our best to experiment and introduce new approaches in the region”

 - Gabe O’Brien & Pia Cavedon (Cavedon Wines)



From vintage 2023 Cavedon Wines has been certified by Sustainable Winegrowing Australia, their focus through this program is water and energy conservation as well as waste management and long-term sustainability of the property. Carrying on from Dino’s legacy every decision made in the management of the vineyard has longevity in mind. Gabe’s professional qualification is in Environmental science having worked specifically with water management. All the wines are made with minimal intervention and are vegan friendly.



January 25, 2024
New Release: Cavedon 'Adelia' Prosecco NV

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