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Kenny Wines isn't just a project born of passion for Andrew and Victoria Kenny. It embodies the decades of unwavering dedication and experience of the couple. Each chapter of their journey has etched its mark on the very soul of this endeavor, crafting a wine project that stands as a testament to their distinctive values and beliefs. The Clare Valley is integral to this story and it was the acquisition of a stunning site in the Auburn sub-region that ignited the spark for Kenny Wines. The chapters of his life spent as Senior Winemaker at Pikes and Pike & Joyce have been instrumental in shaping his perception of the land, its stories, and its myriad expressions.


While the essence of Kenny's creation is rooted in the Clare Valley, there are occasional expressions from the Adelaide Hills, underscoring a broader narrative. Yet, an even greater resonance comes from the enchantment that Germany weaves into their story. Andrew's journey through two vintages at Weingut Gabel in the Pfalz region of Germany has imprinted upon him a profound understanding of Riesling. The ties he formed with Oliver Gabel run deep, leading to a commitment to enshrine a Pfalz Riesling in the Kenny portfolio beginning with the 2021 vintage.


At its core, Kenny Wines is an anthem of expression. Andrew stands defiantly against the current of conformity, preferring to let each vineyard tell its unique tale rather than homogenizing styles. To Andrew, vintage variation is something to be celebrated, it is a pleasurable reminder of what we do as opposed to something that should be masked away in the pursuit of consistency. 



Sustainability isn't a buzzword here; it's a creed, a way of life. Andrew's perspective transcends trends, grounded in a commitment to the generations yet to come. 'The very essence of our project,' he emphasizes, 'lies in leaving the patches of land better than when we found them. Our collaboration with growers is a pact to nurture soil health and ensure enduring sustainability.'


The Kenny vineyard in Auburn encapsulates this ethos beautifully. Once neglected, with meager yields and ailing vines, it found redemption through the Kenny touch. Herbicides and inorganic fertilizers were quickly removed, and in their absence, the site has begun to blossom with renewed vitality.

* SA only

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