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Three single vineyards, three wine professionals. Naked Run Wines is a small Clare and Barossa

Valley producer focused on creating wines of provenance that express the perfect balance of their

varietal and regional expressions. Each wine is produced from one of the three single vineyards

either owned or managed by the Naked Run proprietors. The three sites each bring unique attributes

to the finished product, as do the three men who oversee everything from vineyard management to

winemaking and marketing. The three men behind the wine studied at university together and upon

completion of their respective degrees, they decided that the best way to showcase their true passion

and love for great wine was to release a brand of wines – a Naked Run, as they like to say.


Each member of Naked Run brings their own specialized expertise, a result of being at the top of

their respective fields. Steve Baraglia is the current Chief Winemaker for Pikes and Pike & Joyce,

Brad Currie is the current Vineyard Manager for the Barossa Valley arm of FABEL, and Jayme Wood

has enjoyed a stellar career in sales & marketing, including serving as the Operations Manager

at Parafield Airport Liquor. All vineyards are either managed or owned by someone on the team,

meaning that the three can control each step of the process from grape to bottle.

“Our approach at Naked Run focuses on vine and soil health. We want our vines to outlive

us and be there for future generations.” With the vineyards being the backbone of the project,

sustainability is at the forefront of Naked Run.


Weeds are managed mechanically with cover crops utilized to increase soil moisture, fertility, and mulch later in the season. A large-scale straw mulch

is carried out every 3-4 years, aiding in moisture retention, weed competition, and maintaining soil

temperature during spikes. Winemaking intervention is kept minimal to best allow the fruit to express

the site, and all of the wines are vegan.

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