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The name Ross Wilson may not mean much to people outside the industry, however the wineries and groups he managed during Australia’s 1990’s wine boom are not just household name, but Australian icons. Think Southcorp when it acquired Penfolds, Lindemans and Wynns amongst others.

Located on the western edge of the Warramate Hills in the centre of the Yarra Valley, Medhurst was purchased in 1997 by Ross and Robyn Wilson because of its particular geography and climate. In 2010, a winery was designed to focus on small-batch production. This enabled the vineyard to be divided into micro-areas and for the fruit from these parcels to be processed separately giving greater control during the winemaking process.

The winery itself received recognition for its architectural excellence at the Victorian Architecture Awards. However, the appointment of Simon Steele in 2014 has ensured that the trophies filling the cabinet are for the wines.


Simon has married the Medhurst style with his own extensive winemaking experiences at Australian icons Shaw and Smith, Shadowfax, and Brokenwood as well as in the Languedoc. He has been recognised for improving the range further and helping Medhurst wines garner well-deserved critical acclaim.



As a modern winery, Medhurst was designed into the slope of the land. Situating the barrel room underground helped the winemaking process but also lightened their impact on the environment. Solar energy and rainwater are sourced from the winery roof. The cellar door uses vegetables grown organically on the estate and every aspect of making, growing and bottling the wines is done onsite.

* NSW & SA only

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